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Immigration Law

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Bond Hearings

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MVA Office of Administrative Hearings

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After our consultation, a fair contract will be created to bring you the legal relief you need and deserve. We don’t nickel and dime you. Our cost structure is based on providing you with real results, not to line our pockets.

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Payments can be made at our office or online using our online portal. You will receive instructions directly from our staff to handle your payments with the last amount of hassle possible.


During this stage of the process, Chris will begin digging into the details of your case. I will investigate every legal course of action necessary and draw.


Chris is no stranger to appear in court with his clients when necessary. With a track record of successful trial outcomes, you can rest assured that he will be well-prepared to back you up on your trial date.


Chris Vasiliades:

“I practice law because it’s my passion. I practice law because i hate big companies and big insurers picking on the little guy and screwing him or her over. And i practice law because i’am good at it. Give me a call and you won’t be disappointed. I guarantee it.”

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Our unique blend of experience and tireless work ethic will ensure that we achieve the most favorable outcome for your case that is possible.

We are persistent. We are resolute.

Read our testimonials. Ask about our team-members. Ask about our lawyers. Ask anything you want. We promise that you’re in great hands.

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Christopher E. Vasiliades, Esq.

Christopher E. Vasiliades, Esq.

University of Maryland School of Law

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