• I’ve been charged with a crime. What do I do?

    Call us immediately. Do not say anything to anyone without talking to us first. Most Defendants get in trouble by talking them way into it. In order to avoid this, when you’re dealing with the police, say as little as possible, and after you’ve been charged, say nothing about your charges until you talk to us.
  • I’ve been involved in an automobile accident. What do I do?

    Call us immediately. Get the other driver’s insurance information, home address, business address, and phone number. If you are severely injured, go to the hospital.
  • I’ve been charged with being in the country illegally. What do I do?

    Call us immediately. Say as little as possible to the immigration authorities.
  • I am having issues with a business partner. What do I do?

    Call us immediately. Document all correspondence between you and your partners. Do not give him or her any money until the situation is resolved.
  • What are your fees like?

    Our fees vary. BUT WE DO NOT BILL BY THE HOUR. That is for suckers. Instead, we estimate the amount of time your case will take, and then bill you a flat fee. Or, we take your case on contingency, where you won’t have to pay anything until you get paid. And sometimes, we’ll even reduce our flat-fee rate in exchange for a contingency fee on the back end. We are very flexible with our fees.


Contact us immediately to provide us with the details of your case and your contact information.