1. We Do Not Refer Our Clients Out

Most lawyers only see clients as dollar signs. And when the prospect of those dollar signs dims in any particular case, they are quick to refer clients out to other lawyers. And when the new lawyers see the case becoming an uphill battle, they look for other lawyers to take on the client’s case. At Vas Law, this WILL NOT happen. Attorney Chris Vas will see your case through until the end. The only way we will refer your case out is if we are required to by law (e.g. there’s a conflict of interest).

2. We Are In Constant Communication With Our Clients

Everyone who has hired a lawyer before knows that they will most spend most of their time talking not to the lawyer they hired, but to their paralegal or law clark. NOT AT VAS LAW! Here, you will have your lawyer’s direct line, cell phone, and e-mail, so you can call or text whenever you feel the need to get in contact with your lawyer.

3. We Love To Fight

Many lawyers are scared to go to Court. They just want to “settle.” And if an insurance company knows that a lawyer is afraid of Court, they’re going to lowball their offers! At Vas Law, we file lawsuits as a matter of course. We try cases as a matter of course. In fact, settling cases to us is boring (unless we get a really good offer). Because of this approach, the insurance companies know that unless they pony up, then we’ll go before a judge or a jury and take it from them anyway.

When it comes to handling criminal cases, the State’s Attorneys know our preference for making them prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. This means WE HAVE TRIALS, whether it be in front of a judge or a jury. We don’t advise our clients to plead guilty unless a great deal is on the table or unless the State’s evidence is overwhelming. If there are holes in the State’s case, we expose them. If there aren’t any, we’ll poke them. We’ve reached outstanding results for our clients by letting the State know we prefer to go to trial. Trust us, the State doesn’t want to go to trial either! The reason State’s Attorneys become State’s Attorneys is so they can avoid having to try cases in the first place!

Vas Law, L.L.C. - Senior Attorney Hyattsville

4. We Hate Big Institutions

Insurance companies. The government. Big business. We hate them all. To us, they’re all the same — bureaucratic establishments full of sycophants who only care about advancing their careers at the expense of everyone else. The reason Chris Vas became a lawyer was to fight these institutions using the shield and the sword of the law. After getting into some trouble himself as a teenager and even into his early 20s, he’s seen first hand the damage they inflict on the common person. He’s seen their sanctimonious justifications for doing what they do. And it makes him sick.

5. We love Our Clients

We don’t represent people because we want to profit off of them. We represent people because we want to see them get justice. We take it personal if our clients have been harmed. We are just as mad as they are. This makes us the very best advocates. We like to think of ourselves as extensions of our clients, but with the legal training and sophistication to be able to channel our client’s anger in a constructive way. Passion plus productivity equals profit.

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